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H-beams, also called W-beams, are for columns and longer beam spans up to 300 feet due to their weight-bearing capacity. The most common H-beams have extra-wide flanges or bases and are more square-shaped with nearly the same height and width. Due to their size, H-beams are used in large houses, deep foundations, or framing commercial buildings

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      See full list on theconstructorWide Flange Beams,H beam steel stock in China - Steel H beam is mainly used for industrial and high-rise buildings and in global trade, the stock for H beam is standard size. The dimension of H beam is usually measured in metric, but in America, they measure W profile steel in inch. Anyang Jin Chao Yang Materials Co., Ltd LinkedInConstruction Lima, Ohio Show more similar Weathering Resistant Steel, ASTM A588, Corten A, Corten B, Profiles, Section, H Beam, I-beam, Bulb Steel, Bulb Plate, and Angle Steel

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      May 17, 2019 · W shape is the common notation used in AISC Steel Construction manual for this type of section. This section is used for all the types of load combinations, except pure rotation. This section is highly efficient to resist (in order) flexure, and compression. Most common usages of this section are beams/girder, columns in Buildings and Bridges Difference between H-Beam and I-Beam Difference Between

      • What Is A H-Beam?What Isa I-Beam?Difference Between H-Beam and I-BeamSummary of H-Beam vs. I-BeamC. HENRY STEEL C. HENRY STEEL INDEX STRUCTURAL I WIDE FLANGE BEAMS ASTM-A36 58,000/80,000 PSI Stock Lengths:20 & 40 2 C. HENRY STEEL WIDE FLANGE BEAMS (cont) 3 C. HENRY STEEL Weight Depth of Flange Flange Web Section Per Foot Section Width Thickness Thickness Number Pounds Inches Inches Inches Inches W4 x 13 4 1/8 4 3/8 1/4 W5 x 16 5 5 3/8 1/4 19 5 1/8 5 7/16 1/4

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        Type Grade Section Size (mm) Section Area (cm²) Section Perimeter (m) Theoretical Weight (kg/m) Note H B t1 t2 r HW 100×100 100 100 6 8 10 21.9 0.571 17.19 100×100×6×8 125×125 125 125 6.5 H20 Wood Beams - Formwork Beams - ULMA ConstructionTimber Beams H20 Double T-section timber beams for multiple forming and shoring applications. Lightweight, heavy duty and fitted with plastic caps to protect them against impact and moisture.

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        Steel Beams Widely Used in Construction & Engineering. Steel I beams are high-strength, long-span structural timber beams which are extensively used in construction and engineering projects. In general speaking, I beams contains S-beam, universal beam, H beam or wide flange beam. Steel Mart USA:BEAMSAlso known as H Beams. Wide Flange Beams are used primarily for support and framework in structural steel construction, most commonly in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings, bridges, mezzanines and platforms, walers, wallsystems, trailer and truck-bed framing, machine bases, and much more. Beams are used in the civil construction industry, as foundations or as containing supports for

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        Angle beams take an L shape, with two legs that come together at a 90-degree angle. Angle beams come in equal or unequal leg sizes. An unequal leg L beam may have one leg of 2x2x0.5 and one leg of 6x3x0.5, for example. L beams are typically used in floor systems because of Types of Construction Beams & Their Uses HunkerConstruction beams are horizontal, weight-bearing supports that bridge an area. Along with posts and columns, which are the beams' vertical counterparts, they support the structural integrity of all sorts of buildings. In homes, you'll find beams in walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, decks and garages.

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        Universal Beams, otherwise known as I-beam, UBs, I section, RSJs, rsj beams, h beam, steel lintels steel girder and load bearing steels. Universal beams are essential for any major support or structural integrity in building construction. These steel beams are hard-wearing and strong. Used Steel - Eiffel Trading - Used Construction Machinery We assist heavy civil construction companies in procuring and selling large amounts of steel while offering low fees and price transparency. Our used steel inventory includes a wide variety of used steel sheet pile, used access trestle, used steel plates, used wide flange beams, used h-pile beams, used pipe pile, and much more. Buy and sell used structural steel with Eiffel Trading today!

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        H structural beams are useful as posts or as post foundations. Falsework is an application for bridges and other structures. It is comprised of wide flange beams, H-pile beams, and other steel parts. Falsework is used as a temporary structure for support in the construction of a perpetual structure. Standard Specifications of Wide Flange BeamsWide Flange Beams - Eiffel Trading

        • 26ea. W36x135 Beams at 20(ft) to 25(ft) Lengths-16ea. Used W30x211 Beams at 74(ft) Lengths-1Used W30x191 Beams at 42(ft) to 80(ft) Lengths-1Used W30x124 Beams at 70(ft) to 82(ft) Lengths-1H-Beams McMaster-CarrMade of stiff low-carbon steel to deflect less under load, these H-bars are commonly used in machine bases, construction, platforms, and frames. Because of its rigidity, low-carbon steel is the most commonly used material for H-bars. These H-bars are less likely to crack from welding than those made of higher-carbon steels, and easier to weld than I-beams because they have a straight flange